Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a reservation?

                Yes! There are times where we book up at least a month in advance.  If kids are out of school we book up at least 2 weeks to a month in advance. When school is still in session we may have space for the same day, as long as you have proof that all vaccines are up to date.

Can I come for a tour?

                Yes, you may come take a tour Monday - Saturday between 8 am-12 pm or 2-4 pm or on Sundays between 8-10 am or 3-4 pm.  Just stop in the office and ask for a tour, we will take you through and explain a day at the kennel.  Feel free to bring your pup with you; they will stay in the office with some of our employees while you are taken through the kennel.

What is Kennel Cough?

                Often we describe kennel cough as being similar to cold or flu with kids in school.  It is an airborne upper respiratory ailment that is easily transferable between dogs in close contact, which makes it very susceptible to get in the kennel environment.  Often dogs that come down with it will cough, sneeze, or throw up some foamy liquid. Some dogs do not show signs of it at all but still carry the virus, which makes it even more difficult to ensure that it is not brought into the kennel.  One dog that is not showing any signs can come in one day and infect the kennel with it.

                When dogs receive the vaccine they are getting the live virus put into their system, sometimes dogs will come down with a minor case of the virus after vaccination.  Since they are more susceptible to getting the virus as well as giving the virus during this time frame, we ask that you make sure your pet is updated at least 14 days prior to coming in to board, this also protects the dogs already staying with us as well as yours.  You may always get it updated further in advance as long as it is good through that boarding stay.

                Sadly, the vaccine does not guarantee that your dog will never get a strand of the virus.  Like the flu there are so many different strands of the virus that they could still get a case of it.  The virus helps to ensure that the dogs do not get the worst case they can.

Can I bring stuff from home?

                Yes! You are more than welcome to bring bedding, toys, treats, and bones in for your pets during their stay with us.  However, please keep a few things in mind when you do so.  Dogs sometimes act differently with their toys and beds while they are in a boarding environment, which often results in them tearing them up while they are with us.  We also use bleach in the wash to kill germs and this could lead to discoloring of their items. With these things in mind, don’t bring anything that is too important with them.

Will my dog get anything if I don’t bring stuff from home?

                Yes! We have lots of types of bedding that we give to them while they are boarding with us as long as they are not known to tear up and eat it.

                We also now offer Kuranda Beds -

                The only things we do not give them if you do not supply it are bones and toys. 

What will my dog eat while they are boarding?

                We try our best to keep them on the same diet as they are on at home.  Changing their food abruptly tends to upset dogs’ stomachs.  For this reason, we ask you to check with us to see if we have the same brand as you feed.  We only carry a few brands so if we don’t have one similar than we would really prefer you to bring it with you.  You may bring it in the bag it comes in, a container, a baggie, or if you want to individually bag each meal you can do so.

                Feel free to bring any cans or toppings that you give at home, we have a fridge and microwaves.

I noticed when I picked my dog up all my stuff was waiting for me in the office; does this mean my dog didn’t have it with them?

                No! All dogs get what their owners have brought them after we check it in.  We do however collect and wash everything the night before they are scheduled for pick up.  We do this to ensure that we can find everything and that everything is clean for you upon arrival.

                After we collect their stuff, we do give them some of our bedding so that they are able to have something comfy to lie on.

I just got a puppy, do you have age requirements?

                As long as your puppy is old enough to get at least their 2nd round of distemper and Bordatella vaccine we can board them.

My dog is diabetic, can I board with you?

                Unfortunately we cannot take diabetic dogs, we suggest you keep them at your vet or a kennel with a vet on the premises to insure your dog has that extra medical attention if it needs it.

I have an older dog; can I board them with you?

                If your dog is used to the boarding atmosphere we will happily board them for you.  While we do keep them a little bit quieter we do not have a special area for the older dogs, so the excitement levels in the kennel can stress older dogs out.  They also tend to get sore joints from the activity and being in the runs.  We do give them extra soft bedding and get them out many times for walks throughout the day to ensure they are moving and that they aren't getting too stiff.

Can I board my dog for an extended period of time?

                We can board for extended periods.  However, any more than a week of boarding can result in some issues for a dog.  Some dogs do great for longer stays and some dogs will become stressed when they are here for longer periods.  Dogs also may lose some weight while they are here due to the higher level of activity, so if your dog is staying for more than a week we recommend you bring extra food so we can feed them an additional feeding each day.

                Extended boarding is also harder to schedule during our busier seasons, so if you need to please plan that at least two months in advance.

                If you are looking to board for a month or more, this will have to be discussed with the owner.



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